January 14

Course Summative

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Course summative Tasks are due no later than tomorrow -Jan. 15- at midnight.

  1. Short Story Response Final draft, Self-edit sheet, “I Read” chart and slides;
  2. Writer’s portfolio and all drafts and planning, self-edit sheets;
  3. Learning Skills page completed.

Wednesday: Exam Review

  1. Exam Review sheet.
  2. Together make notes about what we have learned this semester.
  3. Quizlet.
  4. Notes on examination: purpose, length, your preparation, reflection, next steps.
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January 13

Course Summative


  • Robert
  • Jonas
  • Dorral

Remember to share your “I Read, I Think, Therefore” Chart and your Reader Response with me for your final grade. 

Today, you will continue to work on your Writer’s Portfolio.


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January 7

Course Summative Day 1

Course Summative

Course Summative Task #1:   The Short Story Response

  1. Choose a short story
    1. “On the Bridge”
    2. “A Mountain Legend”
    3. “Thank you, Ma’am”
    4. “Not Ever Again”
  2. You will annotate the story to identify what the story is about: narrative elements
  3.  You will annotate the story for connections. 
  4.  You will complete an “I read, I think, Therefore organizer.
  5. You will write a response following the template from Unit 1. 

The response must be done by the beginning of the class on Jan. 9 so you can build your presentation that day.

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January 5

Course Summative


First—> Go to LEARNING TOOLS page in Content Library. 

Organize all of your reflections in one folder. 

Complete Unit 5 Reflections. Send that page to me.

Next, we will review the Course Summative Tasks. 


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