January 14

January 14

First 30 mins.

Update calendar.

Update using the course tools — Tracking Sheet and/or evidence of learning document.

January 11–Fluency test

January 12–Research PPT and presentation

January 14 — Unit 2 Test Corrections

Make a plan for yourself. How will you finish the semester successfully? When will you complete the purple items? 


January 19: WRITING: Theme Literary analysis 

January 20-22: READING: Commonlit text annotation, questions, and structured writing response.

January 26: Course Reflections


About the themes in the fictional texts we have read this year. Handouts. 

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January 7

Creating your presentation

your Refugee PPT presentation based on your research

Unit 3.2

NOTE Due Dates. Only 15 classes left in the course.

Our last class is on Jan.  28

TODAY: Reading Fluency Test

January 14: Deliver your PPT presentation

January 13: Unit 2 Test corrections

January 29: Exam Day


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December 8

Refugee Test

Take your time.

Read the whole test first. 

Answer in any order you’d like. 

Skip questions you’re not sure about and come back to them later. 

Don’t be afraid of asking me questions. 

You have the whole period to work on the test. 

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December 8

Refugee Character Analysis


Character Analysis in Word. Use the Peer/Self-edit sheet.

Hand in the planning, writing, and edit sheet. 


Choose a selection of text to prepare for oral reading. It could be chapter of Refugee or part of one of the short texts we’ve read. You will read the selection to me on Friday.

For Wednesday 

  • Choose your selection and prepare it
  • Finish the summary paragraph on the Refugee and Olympics article
  • Study for the Refugee Test. Use the practice test, the mid-term unit test, and Quizlet.
  • Use the tracking sheet to guide you in catching up with the course.

UNIT 2 Final test will be Thursday, December 10th.

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